Travel Tip: Take a screenshot

As I rushed, and eventually ran, to catch the 8:30 train out of Torun to Warsaw, I took a last parting shot at the old city from across the river.

A hurried shot of Torun on the way to the train station
A hurried shot of Torun on the way to the train station

I made it to the station just in time, and as I boarded the train, it left within a few minutes. Exhausted from a final sprint with a backpack, I collapsed onto a seat and absent-mindedly watched the scenery outside the window. A conductor came by to check the tickets. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I have booked a multitude of train rides from the Polish Railways. This being an Internet age, instead of rifling through a stack of printed papers, I was browsing through my Inbox trying to find the relevant email with the corresponding QR code. I prided myself on having the foresight to save the relevant emails with the tickets. However, this time, I quickly realized that I have embarrassingly saved a different email for another leg of the journey, and since I did not have 3G, I couldn’t retrieve any other emails online. I found myself cut off from the internet, and cut off from my tickets.

I attempted to apologetically explain the situation in a gibberish mix of Russian and English. The conductor turned out to be incredibly sympathetic to my misfortune, and after understanding what has happened, pulled out his own tablet. We had to go through the online kerfuffle of signing him off his email account, then logging me in, then searching through the Inbox for the right email. Eventually, we got to the right message, he scanned the appropriate QR code, and we had to reverse the process of signing me off, erasing any info saved, and logging him back onto his tablet. Needless to say, I was incredibly grateful for this stranger taking the time to help me out with the problem which was so clearly my own. From that point on, I made a mental note to always take a screenshot of anything that I might need to access online later.


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